• Routine maintenance is needed to keep any machine functioning at peak performance and timepieces are no exception. If not performed with the recommended care, the watch movement can be expected to fail, often prematurely. It has been said that a routine watch overhaul is necessary every three to five years to keep your watch working properly. A professional service is your best bet for complete and thorough watch care. 
  • We have developed a multi-step inspection process to inspect, clean, and overhaul timepieces so they'll be up and running for years to come. When you send your watch in for maintenance, you can expect the team at to exceed your expectations by:
  • Inspecting the stem and crown
  • Cleaning and lubricating gaskets
  • Oiling and adjusting the movement
  • Replacing any non-functioning parts, if necessary
  • Polishing the case and removing any scratches
  • Perfecting the crystal (or replace, if necessary)
  • And any other repairs you need
  • If you tire of your automatic movement, we can convert your timepiece to a high-grade, hassle-free quartz movement. 
  • Why do we take such pride in performing a first-class cleaning and overhaul for your timepiece? The answer is simple: we are passionate about helping our customers and we enjoy doing it. It's how we make our customers' lives better. After all, our goal is to gain your trust, and that's how we have built our reputation over many years that keeps other watch owners consistently coming back for more.