• The watch dial is another vital component of your watch. In order to read the time correctly, it must be accurate and precise, and that starts with having a precision-made dial. For the most part, all important dial details should be uniform to eliminate any chance of inaccurate readings. It is important to note that similar to any part of your timepiece, your watch dial also needs regular inspection in order to make it last. 
  • Accidents happen and when they do, you can count on the experts at to help. We can re-attach markers and other dial elements or repair any loose or broken hands. If your vintage watch dial is starting to show its age, our team can give the dial a face-lift to restore it to its original form. If you need a service on watch dial that has never been serviced before, our experienced watch experts are always here to help.
  • This involves creating a printing plate using the design on the original dial. Then, the raised markers are removed and replaced if necessary. The dial is stripped down to bare metal, and a new finish is applied to match the original. The print is then applied to the dial using the plate that was created earlier. This particular method of repairing your watch dial is extremely reliable, and the results are perfect every time.