Watch Clasps

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Watch Buckles and Clasps come in many different styles and configurations. Here you will find the most common types available on the watches sold at Precision Time as well as some definition to the terms used to describe the Clasp and Bracelet types. If you have a question about a clasp or bracelet type on any particular watch, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service.

The terms: Buckle and Clasp are mostly interchangeable. Buckle usually refers to the strap type band while a clasp is usually associated with a metal bracelet. However, we will use the terms interchangeably here. It is the part of the watch that either opens or separates allowing the watch to fit around the hand. Typically, the buckle then is latched together in some form. Click a link to find a specific clasp or scroll down to browse all of the Clasps.

Bangle Bracelet

The bangle bracelet is distinct in that it has two or more very large curved links that form the bracelet instead of many small links. These larger links are known as bangles. The image to the left illustrates the two larger curved links with the smaller links attaching to a Jeweler's Clasp.

Box with Tongue Clasp

The Box with Tongue Clasp is explained very well with the picture to the left. There is a basic locking mechanism on this clasp but it may wear out quite easily thus making the watch difficult to keep on.

Box with Tongue and Safety Clasp

This is the same as the Box with Tongue Clasp except it provides additional security through the locking bar that swings tightly onto the locking post. This clasp is found frequently on 14k gold watches like the Bulova 14k gold.


Like a leather belt buckle, this traditional clasp is found on many leather and other non-metal straps.

Deployment Buckle or Invisible Double Locking Clasp

The Deployment Buckle or Invisible Double-Locking Clasp is also known as the Hidden Deployment Buckle or Butterfly Clasp, because, when closed, the clasp is essentially invisible and it opens symmetrically like a butterfly. This is perhaps one of the most common clasps available and most preferred by customers because the clasp is not a distraction from the watch itself. The clasp is opened by pulling the joined ends of the bracelet away from the wrist. These clasps also come on some of the leather and other non-metal strapped watches.

Deployment Buckle with Push Button

The Deployment Buckle with Push-Button is essentially the same as the Deployment Buckle in looks and function except that its locking mechanism is released by two small buttons on each side of the bracelet. It is advantageous because the locking mechanism cannot be released by pressure on the bracelet, but only by pushing the buttons. This reduces the likelihood that the watch will release the without the wearer knowing it. These clasps also come on some of the leather and other non-metal strapped watches.

Expansion Bracelet

The Expansion Bracelet or Band is designed to expand or stretch over the wearer's wrist and then contract snuggly on the wrist when released.

Fold Over Clasp

The Fold Over Clasp collapses on itself and locks via a pressure tab. The clasp typically has several micro adjustment holes (as seen in the image) that can be used to adjust the bracelet size by non-jewelers. In time, the pressure tab often wears out and the clasp no longer stays closed. This has led to the following three different improvements on the Fold Over concept.

Fold Over Clasp with Safety

This is the first of three improvements on the Fold Over Clasp. The Fold Over Safety Clasp provides a flap that folds over the closed end of the clasp which makes the clasp more difficult to open unintentionally.

Fold Over Clasp with Push Button

This is the second of three improvements on the Fold Over Clasp. The Fold Over Clasp with Push Button Clasp provides a secure lock on a post that can only be released by pushing the two buttons. This improvement is more secure than the Fold Over Safety Clasp.

Fold Over Clasp with Safety and Push Button or Double Locking Fold-Over Clasp

This is the third of three improvements on the Fold Over Clasp. This clasp combines the flap of the safety clasp with a push button lock to provide the wearer the maximum security available for any Fold Over Clasp.

Jewelry Clasp

A jewelry clasp is the simplest of all clasps. It is a latch that snaps closed around a bar. It is released by gently lifting the clasp and unsnapping it from the latch bar. This clasp is almost exclusively available on ladies dress watches.

Jewelry Clasp with Push Button

This is essentially the same as the Jewelry Clasp, but with a lock that is released by a push button. This provides added security for the wearer.

Lobster Claw or Hook Buckle Clasp

As described, the Lobster Claw pr Hook Buckle Clasp looks like a lobster's claw. These are typically on chain bracelets where the claw clamps to the last link on the opposite side.

Toggle Clasp

As shown to the left, the Toggle Clasp puts a relatively large bar through a smaller ring closure on the other side of the bracelet. These are typically on chain bracelets or costume bracelets and are seldom used on watches.