How to Pick the Right Watch


The time has come to get a new watch. You want to purchase a watch that just fits you as a person. But in this situation, “you” means a whole lot of things like your budget, activities and style. Precision Time offers a wide array of styles to fit your niche, but finding your niche is up to you. Take these factors into consideration while you search for the perfect timepiece. You will never regret wearing a piece that makes a statement and fits your lifestyle.

  1. Type: What variety of watch are you looking for? There are a myriad of different watches to choose from, but most of them fall under two categories: functional and fancy. If you need something more functional, like something to keep the time during a swim or hike, an analog or digital watch is right for you. Fancy watches are mainly mechanical, with the complex gear system as more of a novelty than form of function.
  1. Activities: When do you plan on wearing the watch? Different venues call for different types of watches – an analog at work, a digital while exercising, a luxury mechanical while at a board meeting, and so forth. There are inappropriate times to wear certain watches both for social and safety reasons. After all, you wouldn't want to wear a pricey mechanical watch to go rock climbing.
  1. Size: What size suits you most? In this case, size is referring to the circumference and thickness of the watch face. Some people prefer large watches like the SottoMarino Mostro, which boasts a very prominent face. Others prefer smaller watches because they are lighter on the wrist. The most important thing is that the watch is comfortable.
  1. Complications: What do you want the watch to do? If you want all the bells and whistles, a gadget watch will suit you well (or even a smartwatch, heaven forbid). If all you need is the time, a digital or analog watch will be perfectly functional and legible. Some consumers don’t even want a watch for telling time: they would rather sport a nice timepiece to match their fine dress.
  1. Movement: How do you want your watch to be powered? Most people are not that concerned with how the watch works so long as it tells time, but enthusiasts are very picky about the intricacies of their favorite watches. Mechanical, automatic, and quartz - these are all included in the jargon of watch movement mechanics. Mechanical movements are fun to boast, but some consumers prefer the reliability of quartz.

Nate Kiser
Nate Kiser